Experimenting with a new technique

Strawberry Field Watercolor
Painting Layers

I wanted to take an image of a landscape in this case from a recent trip to a “pick your own” strawberry patch and heighten the space with layers. I looked at the image and mapped out in strips which areas would fall into specific layers. I then painted them individually and cut them out.

Making sure everything fits together

Once  I had everything cut out I wanted to make sure they fit together accurately. I left white space as a sort of outline on the top of each layer. This helps to push the layers further apart visually.

Finished and Framed

I plan to use this technique in future projects as well as experiment on ways to alter the result.

2 thoughts on “Experimenting with a new technique

    1. Thank you! There are a lot of amazing work out there with paper-cutting and I am by no means anywhere near that skill. I’m just inspired by it and wanted to see if I could change it to work with the painting I already do. You should play around with it too and I hope seeing a little bit of the process helps you when you try. Thanks for stopping by!

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