Worst Blogger Ever…

Let’s just say I’ve never been on top of updating my blog on a regular basis. Often I’m just so absorbed in what projects I’m working on that apart from Instagram or Twitter I rarely post anything. Hopefully I’ll change that. The Fall Semester of school started, I knew I’d be busy but, wow am I busy! We’re already into week five! I’m going to post a few pictures of recent work and a link to what one of my art classes has been doing. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find your way back here (and find new posts when you do…).

Here’s that link to my Studio Art Class 3D Design: http://sculpture.artapsu.com/?p=3008

The exhibition is Drawing in Space, we manipulated wire to create a line or drawing in space.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grad school and study abroad opportunities lately. I’ve been trying to balance my current course load and figuring out what I need to take before I graduate as well as trying to prepare for upcoming art shows. The next show I have, I will be a vendor at the Germantown Oktoberfest Oct. 12th in Historic Germantown Nashville, TN. I’m really excited about being able to share so much work combined with the opportunity to see and talk to so many people. You can see more about the festival here: http://historicgermantown.org/germantown-street-festival/

Well I’m going to wrap this up with a few new pieces and get off to work on homework. Yah! Homework.


This is a layered watercolor piece that I worked on during the September Downtown Art Crawl in Nashville. The image is from a walk I did through Maymont Park back home in Richmond, VA. I’m still playing around with layered pieces but I think I have a lot of opportunity to do really innovative things as I stretch the concept.


This is the big piece I worked on this summer (eek I can’t believe it took so long!), I used the watercolor layers to create an image of a vendor at the Nashville Farmers Market. I’m really pleased with out how it turned out.


This is a detail view to show you how the layers work. I really feel like pictures don’t do the layers justice and you just have to see them in person. Painting all these vegetable was tedious but I feel like I broadened my skills and feel a little more comfortable painting them.


When you work really detailed for a while sometimes you need a break and to do something more relaxing. This is my favorite view when I drive back to Virginia stopping outside Waynesboro, VA. I managed to time this right leaving my family super early heading back to Tennessee and caught this amazing sunrise. Sometimes you just have to be there, but I like looking at this and remembering that really quiet, joyful, serene moment of the sun making it’s way through the valley.


Here’s a progress photo, working on another view of the Nashville Skyline.

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