Better late than never

I can’t believe the school semester is almost over! I could use school as an excuse for my infrequent and late blog posts but, that would be a lie. I’m just not very good with sitting down and writing about the images I take to go along with the work I do. That should probably be a New Year’s Resolution (this year is work on my road rage) so maybe next year will be work on posting more. If you’re thinking, wait, isn’t the New Year going to creep up on us really soon? Well you’re right but my last resolution was during Rosh Hashanah and if you think I’m having two resolutions you underestimate the severity of my road rage.

I’m going to post some pictures from the Oktoberfest that I participated in Nashville. I really had an amazing time getting to talk with everyone who came through. I was really pleased with my display and proud to be showing my art work. Having my work on display is really fulfilling for me. Art is supposed to be seen and appreciated not hidden away in my house. I felt that so many kind people shared with me their appreciation for the work that I do and gave me encouragement to push on and keep putting my work out into the world. I’m thrilled to say that I sold a few pieces off to loving homes. Can you believe that? My work is out there in the big world hanging on someone’s wall somewhere, they get to look at it everyday and remember that fall day in Nashville where they bought art that they wanted to live with. I really feel amazing gratification for these people for loving something I did, that I worked on and poured myself into. If you found yourself here reading this after picking up my business card or we chatted for a bit or even if you purchased one of my pieces, THANK YOU! You’re amazing and have given me a much needed boost to continue doing what I’m doing.

Booth Display

The 5k going past my booth
The 5k going past my booth


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