Still the worst blogger, but a good student!

Well the semester is coming to a close and I’ve been neglecting updates here. I’m still recovering from my trip to London, or should I say mourning my return to the States. I finished work on my icon paintings and promptly had to prepare for my presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at Austin Peay State University. I really enjoyed presenting my research and paintings to a multi-disciplinary audience. I was very well received and can report that I was awarded “Best Presentation”. I have no problem saying that I enjoy praise and am honored to receive approval for the work that I’m doing. Now of course that project is done and I’m full speed into my next one, writing proposals and preparing for research. First though I’ll post my finished icon paintings. Then it’s back to final paper writing and cramming for finals!

I present to you members of the 27 Club painted in egg tempera using Kool-aid as pigment. I honestly am shocked that this actually worked. I think the gold leaf is especially successful relating these paintings to the medieval and Byzantine icons that I referenced.


Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix


Jim Morrison


Amy Winehouse


Kurt Cobain


On display on campus


I really loved the atmosphere created by showing these in the dark with candlelight.

Presenting my research and process


The President of the University smelling Kurt Cobain because he smells like grape kool-aid

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