Eek Summer is almost over!

The back to school crunch is approaching as I wrap up summer classes and projects I won’t have time for in the fall.

I’m sharing today something I’m excited about. I’ve expanded my knowledge in Photoshop and have started working on some personal family photographs. While visiting with my Nana for her 90th birthday, I was able to bring home some of her ¬†important visual memories. Many of the photographs have felt the effects of time and the environment having discolored or suffered damaged. The most important thing for me is to stabilize the images so that they will not suffer further damage. Luckily with the powers of technology I have scanned the images and am able to make adjustments in their visual quality and share them with the rest of my family, while making sure the originals are safely stored.

The image I’m sharing is of my Nana’s father who worked for the railroad, he is in the bow tie in front of the station office in Keokuk, Iowa. Sometime in the image’s history ink was spilled and smeared across half of the image obscuring some of the figures. I have begun working on adjusting the image to lessen the appearance of the ink. The images of my great-grandfather are extremely precious to my Nana as her father passed away when she was 10 and these images are the bulk of her memory of him after 80 years. I’m extremely privileged to be able to work on these images and have them for my future descendants.


My great-grandfather (in the bow tie) in front of the railway station office in Keokuk, Iowa.
The Before: My great-grandfather (in the bow tie) in front of the railway station office in Keokuk, Iowa.
Image After
In Process: Slowly making progress on improving the image quality.

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