Midterm semester update

During the Sculpture Class Critique- Photo courtesy Virginia Griswold

Well I am maybe not surprised that I haven’t updated my blog since the semester started. I have been pretty busy with my studio classes and academic organizations. I’ve been very lucky to receive a curatorial scholarship working in the University Gallery installing and deinstalling the shows as well as working with the University’s Permanent Art Collection. I will share some more of my work in the near future but I wanted to share a recent project from my sculpture class. We all were tasked with making public art using crochet as our construction method. The materials were left to our discretion and I chose to make yarn out of plastic grocery bags, also known as Plarn (plastic yarn. Initially I thought that I would need grocery bags from every person I knew but really in the end the accumulated bags from several months of saving and the bags two friends had on hand was more than enough to complete my project. I hope the images I have added help to explain the context of the project. You can see the work of my classmates at the APSU Sculpture Blog http://sculpture.artapsu.com/?p=4644


#Plarntent with the view of the University

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