Recent publications and gallery showings

Well, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind over the last few months. I’ve been fortunate to be included in several articles in the wonderful company of artists and organizations in Nashville. I also had a write up through my university regarding my research project. I’m hoping to be able to update the ole blog  here with information about my research. We’re getting into midterms so working on tackling some of my many projects. I’m really excited about the work I’m doing in my independent drawing class, looking forward to sharing with you where it is going.

After a whirlwind critique by a visiting artist, my work was shared on social media and came to the attention of a local curator for an innovative Nashville Arts organization. She was curating an exhibit for the Curb Center at Vanderbilt and wanted to include my crane embroideries. The most amazing part for me is that my work is exhibited just a mere few feet from a sculpture carved by William Edmondson, who was the first African-American to have a solo art show, in 1936, at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I’m so honored to be in a show in such good company.

Here’s the link to more information about the show titled, “Edgehill Muses” which will be on exhibit at the Curb Center at Vanderbilt until May 2016.

Edgehill Muses

Continuing discussions about the changing Nashville landscape, I was asked to participate in the show titled, “No Skyline Nashville” at Gallery Luperca, illustrating images of our city in different ways than the default skyline or view of Broadway honky tonks. It’s very flattering to have someone remember your work and to support and encourage the ideas you have by including your work in a show. It is immensely constructive for me to have others recognize the work I’m doing as worthy. Perhaps that’s something I have to work on, being less shocked when I get offers and recognition. The gallery was interviewed by Nashville Public Radio, which was thrilling to me. The best conversations always start with, “I heard this on NPR…”. I hope I can keep the momentum going through graduation and then pick up the pace so the work I have in my head gets made and gets out there.

The link for the NPR interview and corresponding article. The show was up for the January East Nashville Art Stumble.

No Skyline Nashville

Regarding my research project on Medieval English Embroidery, my University interviewed me about my recent trip. That information is at the following link.

APSU article

Well I better get back to some homework, not long now until graduation. It’s really going to happen.

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